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Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine

Hydrogen is arguably the ideal fuel since its use in internal combustion engines produces only water.

The current political climate is such that most car manufacturers are designing hydrogen fuel-cell cars and the buzzword around the world is Hydrogen Economy. However, here at Omnitek we believe that fuel-cell cars are many years away and based on the tremendous cost and complexity of such technology may never become a reality.

Even if fuel-cell cars make it to market, there are still several hundred million cars in the world that are running on gasoline and diesel, and continue to pollute.

Initially, it is more likely that gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles will be converted to burn hydrogen. Vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICEs) burning hydrogen is a practical and achievable technology to serve as an interim step to commercialization of fuel-cell vehicles. 

The primary advantage hydrogen-fueled ICEs have over fuel-cell vehicles is that it uses a proven and existing technology. Unlike fuel-cell vehicles, which face daunting cost barriers and technological challenges, hydrogen-fueled ICE vehicles could be on the road faster. Hydrogen-fueled ICEs generally employ various technologies, not unlike technologies developed for vehicles burning compressed natural gas.

The Omnitek Hydrogen System and EMS can be retrofit onto gasoline and diesel engines making it possible for these engine to operate on hydrogen and therefore becoming near-zero emissions vehicles (NZEV).

Electronic Engine Management System for
Hydrogen IC Engines

The key to this technology is a sophisticated engine control unit (ECU) which senses engine parameters in real time and instantly adjusts to deliver the correct amount of Hydrogen and the correct ignition timing. The system result in optimal engine performance, while always operating at near-zero emissions.

The Omnitek EMS is easy to calibrate, which guaranties a reduced time to go from prototype to production. Engine manufacturers can even perform most of the system integration in their own laboratory.
The system can be used to convert gasoline or diesel engines to operate with Hydrogen. Many of the off-the-shelf sensors and components used are readily available around the world. A cost effective solution to some of the enormous air pollution problems around the world.

The Hydrogen Engines

The Omnitek engine management system can be used to convert gasoline or diesel engines to operate with Hydrogen, however, in order to get maximum performance and lowest emissions mechanical changes to the engine should be performed. Changes to piston design and the addition of forced induction (turbo or supercharger), result in the biggest improvement to engine performance. Improvements to the ignition system is absolutely necessary in order to operate the engine in a lean-burn state for best combustion control.

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